Mindfulness for Every One

Complementary modalities

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Consider augmenting your mindfulness training with any or all of these additional techniques/modalities.


Meditation is as simple, profound and challenging as paying attention to our breath. At the same time, self compassion is employed, using this time to care for ourselves. Instruction includes practical ways to integrate moments of quiet into our hectic lives.

Mindful awareness
Being present for our life can be nurtured through practice. We are always cultivating habits. Using mindful awareness is available to us in any moment, in any circumstance. Skills taught focus on how to integrate mindful awareness in to our very real lives.

Breathing exercises
We always have access to our breath and this can be a wonderful tool for reducing stress. There are a variety of breathing techniques that can be helpful and provide a foundation for stress reduction skills.

Guided imagery
Guided imagery can promote relaxation and healing. Imagery or visualization can be used for all; even those with cognitive loss have found guided imagery helpful.

Yoga for every one
Yoga and mindful stretching can be an important reminder of what our bodies can still do! Stretches are for everyone, even the most physically disabled.

Gentle hand massage
Hand massage techniques that are easy to learn and use. It also provides relaxation for the person giving the massage as well as the person receiving the massage.

Aromatherapy is not only easy to use for our elders and other underserved populations, but can also decrease caregiver stress, help with sleeping problems, and increase alertness among many other benefits. Aromatherapy is a popular intervention, and often misused. Some basic understanding can help staff use this- the simplest of interventions.

Creativity and humor
Connection is often the missing element in the caregiver/care receiver relationship. Creativity and humor offer ways to connect that circumvent our differences. Or, as Victor Borge said: “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
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