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The practices of meditation, mindful awareness of the present moment, and compassion for self and others, have offered freedom from suffering for many. Those with chronic conditions and life challenges, as well as their caregivers, may undoubtedly benefit, yet may feel left out due to the rigor of the practices, the context of the offerings and ignorance of adaptations to the models.

Awareness and compassion, the core elements of mindfulness and yoga are available to anyone who is breathing. These practices incorporate principles applicable to all: that there is more right with us, than wrong; that we all have inner wisdom and healing available to us; and that learning a practicing certain skills nurtures mindful awareness and self compassion. While retaining the core of mindfulness principles, modifications to the practices of mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery and yoga can provide access for underserved and differently abled populations.

Mindfulness for Every One offers custom tailored workshops, courses, retreats and counseling for:
  • Frail elders
  • Persons with chronic conditions
  • Professional caregivers
  • Marginalized/at-risk populations
  • Persons with cognitive and physical differences
  • Persons with multiple life challenges
  • Family/friend caregivers
All training, courses, retreats and counseling are lead by Lucia McBee, LCSW, MPH, CYI and can provide up to 20.0 CEUs for professionals.

"Mindfulness is paying attention
to the present moment
on purpose, in a certain way and without judgment."

 - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Contact us to create a custom-tailored
course, workshop, seminar or retreat
for you or your organization.
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