Mindfulness for Every One

Mindfulness training

Contact us to create a custom-tailored course, workshop seminar or retreat for you or your organization.

Meditation and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is 6-8 week course which offers participants a chance to learn stress reduction and incorporate it into their lives. Many have found this a life changing experience.  This class is based on the model developed at the Center for Mindfulness.

Mindfulness for Caregivers
  In the real world of care provision, there are some ways that we can learn to take care of ourselves in the midst of the most challenging situations. Quick, useable stress busters are an important part of the caregiver tool kit!

Mindfulness-Based Elder Care (MBEC) is for those who are elders, who care for elders or who will be elders. Mindfulness-Based Elder Care adapts mindfulness based interventions for use with frail elders and their caregivers. Focusing on quality of life as well as quantity of life, MBEC teaches skills that enable continued growth, empowerment and stress reduction.


"Her extensive experience in the healthcare field combined with her firm grasp on how to apply and teach simple yet powerful alternative medicine techniques is what makes Lucia a leader in the wellness programming."
- Amy Lombardo, Certified Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, and Wellness Counselor

"There are many things I learned in this group that I can and will apply and live with the rest of my life."
- Family Caregiver

"The deep breathing was so soul searching and relaxing. This class made me more aware of myself."
- Participant in staff stress reduction program

"Dear Lucia: What can I say? That your guidance and your wonderful tape kept me alive and helped me to become the real person I am today. Without your help I never would have reached my 90th birthday. And had the courage to get on a plane after my dear son passed and go to Florida where I am going to live. Your wonderful tapes that I had the good sense to go to bed with every night and wake up with every morning for the last 3 years."
- Dorothy C., 90 year old participant in the Wellness by telephone group
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