Mindfulness for Every One

Who do we serve?

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EVERY ONE, with special focus on the underserved!

Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, creative therapies, aromatherapy, massage and other holistic modalities have been found beneficial in healing and wellness for all populations. MINDFULNESS FOR EVERY ONE offers adaptations of mindfulness-based interventions for populations that are underserved, marginalized and otherwise may not have access to the benefits of these life changing tools. This may include frail elders and anyone with physical and cognitive limitations; family caregivers and professional service providers, persons living with HIV+ and other chronic conditions; previously incarcerated populations.

Increasing numbers are living with chronic conditions, necessitating a shift in health care provision. Many acute, life threatening illnesses impacting quantity of life have become chronic conditions impacting quality of life. Growing numbers of dependent care receivers are living at home or in facilities with chronic illness, needing care rather than cure.

Use of integrative modalities best meets these needs. The solution is to manage chronic conditions, learning to live fully with impairments and pain in addition to treating illnesses.

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