Adapted MBSR, mindfulness and yoga

Adapted MBSR, mindfulness and yoga

Lucia offers adaptations of mindfulness-based interventions for populations that are underserved, marginalized and otherwise may not have access to the benefits of these life changing tools. This may include frail elders and anyone with physical and cognitive limitations; family caregivers and professional service providers, persons living with HIV+ and other chronic conditions; previously incarcerated populations. She has also taught in hospital/institutional environments and has adapted her programs for these settings.

For those hoping to help the clients they serve, the starting point is oneself- establishing a personal practice. Many clinicians and other helping professionals find themselves increasingly stressed. Work environments are busy, with many expectations; clients experience growing trauma and distress; and caseloads are rising. While challenging, there are simple and powerful ways to include mindfulness in one’s personal life and work with clients. 

Unlike many interventions, but much like swimming or playing the piano, mindfulness and yoga must be taught from one’s own experiences with these practices. In addition to the embodied knowledge, this basis also captures the essence of mindfulness: we are all in living, breathing bodies. Our lived experience is both similar and unique to all beings. 

Institutions are also recognizing the direct and indirect cost of highly stressed staff and clients. Many are now including mindfulness practices as part of institutional life.  

Lucia’s extensive experience in introducing mindfulness will provide insight, support and guidance through your journey for yourself, your staff and your clients. 

A non-dualistic attitude is core to these practices. Most mindfulness and yoga is taught through practices of paying attention, with compassion, to the body, mind and emotions in stillness and in movement. At the same time, the practices are not the objective, rather what we learn about ourselves and life itself while practicing. This is one example of the counter-intuitive basis of mindfulness and yoga.