Mindfulness Programs for Clinicians and Organizations

Programs for Clinicians and Organizations

Lucia’s expertise is broader and deeper, helping clinicians understand the basic tenants of mindfulness and ways to modify these for a wide variety of populations and settings. From more traditional psychotherapy and groups, to emergency rooms and classrooms, stress reduction has been shown to be a key factor in decreasing psychological and physical distress and improving quality of life. Lucia’s expertise and passion create a learning environment where clinicians learn from their own experience of mindfulness practices; and then consider how this might be best introduced and experienced in their unique settings and with their specific populations.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both New York State and Maine, Lucia has an extensive clinical background. Her Public Health Masters provides a wider perspective, while her experience as a social worker in health care provides the practical application. She also brings a considerable experience in presenting mindfulness to clients, caregivers and clinicians in national and international settings. She has been an Adjunct Lecturer for Columbia University School of Social Work since 2008 and has taught mindfulness in clinical practice to professionals at conferences and other group settings nationally and internationally, including regular presentations for PESI since 2014.

Participants in Lucia’s mindfulness presentations will:

  • Learn or deepen mindfulness practices for personal stress reduction
  • Discover ways to introduce mindfulness practices to clients
  • Discern appropriate applications of mindfulness for clients with mood disorders, physical conditions and pain, trauma; as well as contra-indications for practices
  • Adapt practices for both groups and individuals; as well as short term and long term clients
  • Recognize and apply mindfulness through non verbal communication
  • Identify key research on mindfulness and locate ways to access current data
  • Understand the risks and limitations of both mindfulness practices and the research associated with mindfulness